The Privilege of Repentance

Image via Pixabay

Repentance is not an ultimatum.

Repentance is not a guilt trip.

Repentance is not a legalistic performance-based act of penance.

Repentance is a precious tool for personal growth and development.

Repentance is the act of stepping out of the flesh man which links us to death and failure in time and space and stepping into the eternal and perfected spirit man who is seated with Christ in the heavenlies.

Repentance is opening our eyes from a bad dream to find the Father’s loving face looking down at us in response to our troubled thrashings and moanings.

Repentance is switching our focus from darkness to light…from falsehood to truth…from inadequacy to provision…from despair to hope.

Repentance is a daily opportunity to experience even more of the limitless grace of God than we had discovered before.

Let us all repent eagerly and often.

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