Coronavirus Timeline

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God’s timeline is beginning to clarify now.

Today a friend of mine posted a Youtube link to a private Facebook Messenger group in which her little daughter recounted what God had shown her in a dream. The friend asked that the link not be shared too much, so I will honor that, but here is the commentary summary that she posted below the video:

Last night Melody woke me telling me she had a dream of Her and Jesus in the clouds and she could see a screen of all the people on earth, then Jesus pointed to the screen and words appeared. She said Jesus gave her ability to read and it said “On Easter the Corona Virus will go away and people will be healed!” She told me dream a few times before i finally decided to record her. It seems some of the details she had already forgotten, but this is pretty amazing. She has been having heavenly dreams since she was 3.

When her mother asked her how she knew the man in her dream was Jesus, the little girl replied, “Because he had holes in His hands and His feet.” Melody also said that Jesus said we should pray the day[s] before Easter.

A few weeks ago I had read another account of another little girl who had a dream. She had told her mother “Jesus said the virus is going to go away in April.” Her mother asked her if she had been scared about the virus and the girl answered, “Yes, but I’m not now, because Jesus said it’s going to go away in April.”

Now, here is a great video interview in which Sid Roth interviews world-class prophets, Jeremiah Johnson and Tracy Cooke, as they share on the timeline for coronavirus and the future of New York City…

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