Damascus Road, The Pivot Point

This is divine download day. First, a word from two of my favorite prophets, Dutch Sheets and Lana Vawser:

This morning, the Lord told me that He wants His people to pray for a Damascus road experience to happen to multiple leaders of godlessness and injustice. Saul of Tarsus, the leading persecutor of the early Church, met the manifest Christ on the road to Damascus, was flipped and became the premier witness to the transforming, healing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the same way, the Lion of Judah is ready today to manifest Himself powerfully to prominent people who hate God, work lawlessness, persecute godly people and actively attack our values and ethics.

The word Damascus means “silent is the sackcloth weaver”. We have been wearing the sackcloth of mourning over the state of our communities and our world. We have grieved in silence. But rejoice! The day of your deliverance is at hand. Throw off the sackcloth and embrace the garments of light! Thank God for His deliverance.

Tarry in prayer until you become saturated with Holy Spirit Power. Once you have clearly heard His voice, then go! Become the mouthpiece of God on this Damascus road of persecution. As we do so, we are going to see key, high-profile opponents pivot overnight to become bold witnesses to the victorious, unifying, liberating gospel of Jesus Christ!

A pastor friend of mine had a prophetic dream at the beginning of this year in which he heard two words, “pivot” and “forge”. We are right now at the pivoting point. Pray for the pivot to be activated. Properly used, a pivot or fulcrum can enable a weak man to move a tremendous amount of weight, that he could never lift in his own strength. Let our Amen agree with God in this critical moment. Let our faith in God’s unshakable promises provide the pivot to move the mountains we are facing right now!

The forge is hot. The smithy is prepared. God is poised to beat our national swords into plowshares. That is why we have seen the furnace this year. But when He is finished, we will have new tools…plowshares forged of Damascus steel with which we can cultivate the land for a new harvest of peace and righteousness.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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