Irish Whiskey, Swimming Pools and Encryption Cards

During the first week of May, I had three dreams which bear the hallmarks of prophetic dreams.  I will describe the contents of the dreams first and then unwrap them a bit with some interpretation.

Irish Whiskey

The first dream was about Irish whiskey.  Actually, Irish whiskey didn’t feature in the dream until the very end but because Irish whiskey was one of the most unique and distinctive elements of the dream, that’s how I’m going to entitle it.

The dream began as I and another individual were in a vehicle driving down a mountain road.  Now, I need to give some background before I proceed.  This particular mountain ridge or range of mountains was one that I have seen frequently in previous dreams.  I don’t know how many times I have dreamed of climbing this mountain, traversing it or trying to cross over it.  I usually was trying to cross it.  It typically figured in my dream symbolism primarily as a barrier that I needed to get over from one valley to another, or from one location to another.  It was a dangerous mountain, a treacherous place to be and an environment I was always in a hurry to put behind me.

Anyway, in this particular dream, I and a companion were descending the mountain on a road that followed the ridge line.  Rather than following a trail up and over the ridge at a 90 degree angle to it and down the other side as I had so often done in previous dreams, we were following the crest of the mountain ridge, travelling toward the lowlands via this road.

Now there’s another background element to this mountain range that I need to mention.  The mountain was hollow.  In some of my previous dreams, rather than traveling on the exterior surface of the mountain, I had moved through a series of interconnected tunnels that connected various subterranean rooms and chambers within the ridge.  These rooms were outfitted with equipment and furnishings relevant to that particular room’s function.  Some of these rooms were cavernous and could hold large numbers of people or supplies, but there were often hostile enemies lurking in ambush within these tunnels, so that we would sometimes find it necessary to wage combat against these hostiles in order to make progress.

This time, though, instead of traveling through the tunnels, we were driving on the exterior of the mountain via a road.  We actually considered taking a weather-sheltered shortcut through the tunnels until we noticed that whenever we came to an entrance of one of the tunnels, it was inaccessible.  The entrances had been demolished purposely, collapsed and shut down so that they were no longer available for traveling.  The tunnels were quiet and dark with no sign of life inside.  Somehow, I knew in my knower that long-delayed construction on the surface road had been finally completed, making it no longer necessary to detour through the tunnels like we had previously. 

My traveling partner was somebody I know in real life.  He is a Russian paramedic that I used to work with when I drove ambulance.  As he and I arrived at the bottom of the mountain, we came to a fork in the road, where three mountain systems now towered over us.  Beyond the fork directly ahead, the plinth of one mountain split the road to wind through a pair of bifurcated valleys between two flanking mountain ranges.

As we arrived at the fork, we stopped for a moment as if to decide which branch of the road we wanted to take.   While we were paused, a flying bus type vehicle appeared.  It descended from the sky, hovered for a moment and landed a little bit in front of us on the road surface of the right fork.  It didn’t look like a commercial bus, but more like some sort of a science fiction bus-shaped vehicle without wings or visible propulsion systems of any kind.  As that craft had begun to descend, just before it landed, I saw the mountain range at the right-hand side of the road morph into a building.  Suddenly, there were rows of windows on the sheer face of the mountain like some type of high-rise apartment building.   Upon landing, out of the vehicle emerged two uniformed men wearing what looked like law enforcement or military uniforms.  These individuals were of Indian ethnicity…not Native American, but from India.  They approached our vehicle and began inquiring about our authorization to be there.

My companion spoke first.  Oddly enough, in real life he is not adept at imitating any kind of accent other than his native Russian, but in my dream, he spoke with a British accent.  He gave his name and he said, “I’m from London”.  Then the officers turned to me and asked me the same question.  In my dream, out of my mouth came a flawless Irish accent as I replied, “I’m from the same country as him, although not from the same town.”  Although I spoke in an Irish accent, in my dream I knew that I wasn’t Irish.  I also knew that my companion wasn’t British, but for some reason I guess we felt like that subterfuge was going to get us through the checkpoint.

Then the dream shifted as these officers invited us inside of the mountain that had turned into a building.  They asked us if we wanted something to drink.  There was something like a pub or a tavern in the ground floor of this building, so we went inside.  I was asked if I wanted soda water or something like that.  “No,” I replied, “I want Irish whiskey.”  Now in my mind, I meant Irish coffee, but in my dream, the words that came out of my mouth were specifically “Irish whiskey”.  

Someone brought the Irish whiskey to me and I began to drink and that was the end of the first dream.

The Swimming Pool

In the second dream that I experienced a couple days later, I found myself inside a house and everything was a little bit strange because it was a combination of a virtual world and a real world.  

I had an electronic tablet device.  On its screen I could navigate the interior of this house.  The program contained the entire house layout.  But the catch was that if I wanted to go anywhere physically in the house, I had to first enter it on the tablet by choosing my avatar and then I would maneuver the avatar into another room using my finger on the touch screen.  As I did so, I would physically find myself transported into whatever room I had selected. One of the avatars on my screen was a disabled person in a wheelchair which struck me as odd.  I wondered how that wheelchair was going to make it up and down stairs.  I didn’t really use that avatar much.

So, I began maneuvering through this house, checking it out.  The house itself was quite small, but cozy.  The room where my dream began was kind of like a lounge or sitting area.  To my right was something like a master bedroom suite.  Directly ahead of me were two doors.  One opened to the outside, the other door led some sort of a rooftop terrace, and on this rooftop terrace there was a swimming pool.  

I found myself spending a lot of time in the pool up top.  In fact, I just couldn’t get enough of swimming in that pool.  There was no roof up there, just a swimming pool open to the sky, and I swam and swam and swam.  I always swam nude.  There were other people coming and going, swimming in the pool with me, but we sort of ignored each other.  We just swam and enjoy ourselves.

At some point I went back down into the house and discovered that there was a woman living in the master bedroom suite.  She was a houseguest and was somebody that I had dated in real life during college.  I didn’t really interact with her.  I just kind of witnessed her being there and for some reason felt a strong sense of comfort at her presence. 

She was an artist.  Most of her art consisted of manipulating her own image.  She would take a picture of herself, and then, using a photo manipulation software or something, she would alter the picture, add beautiful backgrounds and so on.  The end result would be breathtaking.

At one point, the dream shifted and I found myself outside the house where a post fence ran along the edge of a gravel driveway.  There were two stools, tall like barstools, set up by that fence.  In fact, one of the stools was somehow incorporated into the fence.  

As I was lounging out there sitting on one stool and my feet propped up on the other, enjoying the sunshine, I was reading a large book that wasn’t really a book.  Although it had a cover and paper pages, it was serving the same purpose as the tablet device had.  I would open it up and view the inside of my house.  In this paper book I could maneuver avatars through the house as if it were an interactive electronic book.  Some vehicles drove by on the road.  The passengers glanced over at me and noticed me, but it was just a casual glance as they drove on. 

That is all I remember of that dream.

Encryption Cards

I experienced the third dream during the night between the fourth of May and the fifth of May 2020.  It was a strange and complex dream.

I found myself in what had once been a small country church, but it was no longer being used as a church.  It was now…it’s hard to describe because there’s no equivalent in real life… but the church had been converted to a super-duper computer security site.  A friend of mine, Joel Sutherland, was there with me, showing me the extremely sophisticated computer security hardware that he had bought from our mutual friend, Doctor Andreassen, who is a family practice doctor that I used to work for.  This encryption system had formerly been used by Doctor Andreassen at his clinic, but Joel had bought it for us to move to our site, install and use for our own computer.  It was as if Joel and I together owned or had mutual interest in the computer that this equipment was encrypting.

The security equipment consisted of long units, kind of like troughs, in which were fitted a series of upright and equally spaced encryption cards almost like a line of dominoes.  These cards were about the size of ordinary playing cards, but each of them had a small square light patch on them like an LED light.  This light patch on each card would be randomly positioned anywhere on the card.  No two cards were identical to each other in the positioning of their light patch.  Each card also bore some other markings that resembled an inscription or electronic circuitry or something.

I don’t know where the computer was located that this system was protecting, but I could tell when the computer was in use, because the cards set into these long troughs which wrapped back and forth throughout the whole ground floor of this old chapel would begin to light up in sequence.  It was almost instantaneous, but as the light blinked on, you could see that the information flowing from one card to the next and to the next and so on in a domino effect.  It reminded me of water flowing through a hose.  The communication process moved down the line of cards back and forth as it processed data entering or leaving the computer.  I got the impression that this system served as a highly effective firewall on the scale of NSA encryption.  Only after incoming data had been screened by this series of encryption cards would it be allowed into the computer to do its work. 

If one card was missing, then the entire process would stop until that card was replaced.  Joel told me that one of us could take any of these encryption cards with us.  We could put it in our pocket and just walk out with it.  If we did so, that would increase the security status because the computer would be rendered unable to function until that card was replaced.   Each card served as a sort of security key if we removed it from the series.  

As we were in this room watching the system work Joel explained to me that there are constant hacking attack attempts going on, which was why this security system was necessary.  He pointed at the concrete floor and told me that if I would be quiet and listen, I would see what he meant.  As I listened, I could hear little tinkling or crackling sounds running back and forth through the floor in a line parallel to the line of encryption cards in the security hardware.  It was like energy sizzling.  I was led to believe that this was the sound of somebody attempting to hack into the computer system.  However, the encryption system was efficiently detecting and preventing that hacking attempt from being successful.

The walls of this old church were lined with books, floor to ceiling, every wall completely obscured by books like the pictures you see of libraries in old manor houses.  In my dream I thought it was wonderful that a person could spend time reading while they were in the building maintaining the security system. There was a second floor of the church as well, and there was no computer encryption equipment installed up there.  It had been left the way it was when it had been a church.  This upstairs area was like a cupola, and I thought how great it was to have a private little prayer nook up there.  A person could climb up the stairs to get away from the rat race.  In the privacy of that cupola above the old church, above the library, above the computer encryption equipment one could pray undisturbed.

Then the dream shifts.  I am in a vehicle following Joel in his vehicle and we are driving to the place where this security system used to be when doctor Andreassen owned it.  In my dream I was very familiar with the location.  I knew exactly where the encryption system had been, because in my dream, back when I had used to work for doctor Andreassen, sometimes when he went away on a business trip, he would have me maintain that security system for him.  Back in those days the security system had been installed in an underground bunker guarded by a big massive steel door with a bank vault kind of lock on it.  The bunker was located at the back end of a big empty field.

I had been there several times while doing that work for him.  However, like I said, the doctor had sold the system to Joel now.  The reason that he had sold it was because he would no longer be using it for his practice.  He was selling his entire business and property.  

Everything was changing.  As we drove toward this bunker location, I saw that the field was no longer an empty field.  It was now under heavy construction of some project that wasn’t completed yet.  Now there were massive Interstate highway-style cloverleaf exit ramps and overpasses being built.  Acres of dirt had been shifted and moved around. Where at one time there been a bluff rising probably 100 feet above one edge of the field, now the field surface had been raised until it was pretty much even with the top of the bluff.   I recognized some familiar landmark buildings and terrain features which confirmed that I was in the right spot, but clearly the area was undergoing a massive transition process under the initial phase of some large development project.

We proceeded toward our destination.   I still could recognize the lay of the land enough to know where we were going.  Everything had a remarkably familiar feeling to me as we approached what appeared to be an off ramp of the soon to be constructed highway.  I knew that we had arrived in close proximity to the location where the computer encryption bunker used to be.  Now, however, the site was somewhere underneath this off ramp. 

Joel pulled to the side of the road and we parked to exit our vehicles and proceed on foot to where this vault chamber was still buried under the off ramp.  The reason we were going there was to pick up the last minor pieces of equipment that remained in the bunker.  It wasn’t vital equipment.  I don’t know exactly what it was, maybe brackets or something like that, to help hold the equipment. 

Before we arrived at the bunker the dream ended.


I have been sitting on this draft now for over a month, hoping to give a detailed interpretation of these three vivid and iconic dreams. I have decided to go ahead and publish them with only some notes. Part of this decision is because time is moving on, and I want to get them out there before they lose all contemporary relevance to somebody. Part of the decision is because some of the interpretive themes are personal and none of anyone else’s business. But the final reason for this decision is that these dreams are so symbolically complex, that I welcome input from others, so feel free to respond if you have any ideas.

Here then are the Cliff notes:


The mountain: 7 mountains of influence? The current world system? Clearly it was in a transition point. The conflict had been buttoned up and the way had been paved to overcome this persistent obstacle to God’s goal for our life.

The medics: My partner and I were both EMS personnel. We had spent our time rescuing hurting people and mitigating trauma.

The fork in the road: A classic symbol of decision time.

The flying bus: Not being a gamer, I did not know at the time of my dream that the popular online video game, “Fortnite”, featured flying buses. Having learned that now, I wonder if this was a reference to the time frame of a fortnight or two weeks. However, buses often represent ministries, and flying represents the spirit realm.

Irish whiskey: Not being a drinker, I did not even know there was such a thing as Irish Whiskey or it’s ancient history. But research revealed that the Gaelic term for Irish Whiskey means “Water of Life”. I am reminded of the living water that flows from the Throne of God. I am also reminded of Jesus’ promise in John 7:38, that whoever believes in Him, out of their belly shall flow rivers of living water.


The tablet: I think the tablet represented my soul…my mind, will and emotions which serve as a sort of a manifold which shunts my consciousness between the physical body and the spiritual body. The carnal man is disabled and cannot ascend the stairs to the spiritual identity.

The Pool itself: Bodies of water in dreams can represent a range of things from masses of humanity to death and resurrection to the fullness of the Spirit. Because this pool was located on the top floor I believe it represented the depths of the Spirit and that while swimming, I was being immersed, dominated or overwhelmed by the Spirit.

Swimming in dreams is common for people going through therapy or who are soul searching for help or insights into their problems. The fact that I was enjoying swimming perhaps represents my submission and confidence in letting the Holy Spirit deal with difficult life circumstances.

The guest: I believe this woman guest who painted beautiful portraits of herself while secluded in the inner sanctum of the house represents Divine wisdom.


This is the most complex and cryptic of all the dreams and I am still processing the interpretation, but some themes are clear: transition, new beginnings, danger, passing of the mantle, spiritual vigilance…

I would welcome any thoughts on this one.

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