Some Dream Tools

Image by Pixabay

Here are a couple of tips to help you interpret dreams.

The first is called the DAESI dream decoder method. (Dream, Action, Emotion, Setting and Interpretation).

Using this method, first you, write a summary of the dream, usually one or two paragraphs long. Then ask yourself what you are doing in your dream. Next identify your overall feeling or emotion. Finally, determine what the setting is in waking life. In other words, what is your heart processing. After following these steps it should be easier to interpret your dream.

You can find more details on this method here:

The second tip comes from James Goll. He explains how to interpret people in your dreams. Goll says that there are three basic questions you can ask to help you interpret dreams in which certain people appear:

1. Who is this person in relation to you?
2. What does this person’s name mean?
3. What character trait or calling does this person represent to you?

You can find more here:

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