The Sea is Swallowing Pharaoh

Today in conversation with Father God I felt like He told me that the Passover season that began early in 2020 had shifted phases. You can look back at earlier blog posts on to read more about the Passover theme.

We have felt Pharaoh’s oppression, which he intensified upon God’s demand to let His people go.

Many of us have fled from Egypt this year, at God’s leading, only to find ourselves seemingly trapped between Pharaoh’s army and the Red Sea.

Then, as at the Jordan crossing, the priests…the intercessors…stepped into the raging water with the Ark of God’s covenant as the people began to cross over. While the priests held the line, many have crossed over. Even many who had been railing at us and hating on us at the beginning of the year have joined us. Through it all, the priests kept praying and the prophets kept prophesying.

Now, in this mornings prayer conversation, I felt like the Lord was indicating that the Passover crossing process is done. It is now time for the water to collapse inward upon Pharaoh’s pursuing army. Those who have crossed are the remnant. Those still on the other side, or worse, who have joined Pharaoh’s army, have no more time to make up their minds. The time of the physical uprooting of the tares from among the wheat is upon us.

As always, however, I asked the Lord for two or three independent witnesses to confirm the rhema Word I believed He was giving me.

Later, I went to check the donation box at the charity thrift store that my wife manages. Often a theme will emerge in the donations on particular days, which indicate some sort of sign confirming what God is doing in our life or in the world. When I arrived, my wife told me that the theme of yesterday had been curtains and horses. Lots of both had been donated. Today, the theme had been pigs and clear panes of glass.

Well, my spiritual spidey senses began tingling and I asked the Lord if this wasn’t confirmation of what He was showing me.

Indeed, horses often represent the might of the flesh in Scripture… a carnal strength, a trusting in flesh; relied on by the enemies of God to their peril:

Deuteronomy 17:16a (NIV)  The king, moreover, must not acquire great numbers of horses for himself.
Psalm 20:7 (NIV) Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

Perhaps the most vivid example of this is the drowning of Pharaoh’s army with horses and chariots in the Red Sea.

Ex 15:1 (NIV) Then Moses and the Israelites sang this song to the Lord: "I will sing to the Lord, for he is highly exalted. The horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea."

So that seemed to be a confirmation.

Then as I thought about the curtains, I was reminded of the curtains of water that rose up on either side of the Israelites as they crossed, and which subsequently collapsed to drown Egypt’s army.

In the world of theater, curtains also signify the end of one scene and the beginning of another. This is another confirmation that we are moving from one phase into another. We are moving from oppression and plagues and harassment into deliverance and judgement upon those who oppress us.

But we still have the pigs and the clear glass panes to interpret.

My mind immediately went to the Gadarene pigs into which the demons fled after Jesus cast them out of the demoniac known as “Legion”. Wow! Another theme of deliverance and drowning of our adversaries.

The clear panes of glass would suggest clear vision. Once the curtains have been drawn back at the beginning of this new act, so to speak, we will be able to see clearly the future of blessing, inheritance and righteous Kingdom stewardship which awaits us following our crossing over scene.

Yet more confirmations followed. I was reminded of a prophetic word that was released on the Elijah List last night. Here is the link:

The words that jumped out at me are powerfully relevant to what God had indicated. Nate Johnston wrote:

“In my second dream I was in a house, backed by the ocean, which had these massive, 20-feet-high, glass windows that looked out at the sea. As I looked out I could see that there was a torrential storm taking place; the ocean was choppy and waves were crashing up onto the house and the surrounding coastline.

“…I looked and I could see that beyond the storm, at the back near the horizon, there was a massive tsunami wave building and about to crest. The wave wasn’t just a wave of revival and outpouring, but it was a wave of justice, redemption, recovery and secured victory.”

Well, that’s exciting! And confirming.

Then, I ran across this on Twitter:

That was the clincher for me. I knew that I had indeed heard God’s voice accurately in this matter.

Australian prophetess, Lana Vawser, posted something similar the other day:

Notice this particular sentence: “These pure ones are crossing over into a realm of partnering with Me that they have never walked in before.” Did you see the words, “crossing over”?

We have crossed over. Now watch and see the salvation of the Lord of Hosts! It is no accident that Sidney Powell insists that it is a Kraken from the sea that will bring down the enemy’s “Dominion”.

Colossians 1:13 (NIV) For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,

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