Banished, Part 2

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As I continued to pray and consider the dream described in my last post, I received further clarification. Please go back and read “Banished, Part 1” if you are not familiar with it, otherwise this post will not make sense.

I had stated that I didn’t know what ancient and more sinister threat the Marines represented. Then like a giant spiritual “Duh!”, it hit me.


This is a massive subject and one which I cannot possible unwrap in this blog post. However, you can do your own research. There are plenty of books and blogs on the subject. One of the best can be found in the book “Marine Demons” by John Eckhardt. You can read it here:

Let me give you a few bullet points.

  • Marine demons are spirits of the waters.
  • These spirits are characterized by witchcraft, lust, perversion, murder, death, pride, rebellion, destruction, and greed.
  • Their city is Mystery Babylon, symbolized by a harlot who sits on many waters.
  • People under the influence of these spirits feel as if they are drowning in many waters.
  • Their prince is Leviathan, the great sea serpent and the King of Pride.
  • Job 41:15 says that Leviathan’s scales “…are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal.” The Jerusalem translation says, “His back is like shields of cast metal, scale pressing on scale.”  This spirit is proud of his ability to withstand attack. Pride is able to shield himself with other spirits. The spirit of Leviathan will use other spirits as shields in order to protect himself from attack. These shield demons must be dealt with first before an attack on Leviathan can be successful.
  • Leviathan’s neck is stiff and stubborn.
  • No man is able to capture or conquer Leviathan. Indeed, all of man’s harpoons and spears are of no avail. when He is roused, the battle he will give you will be like no battle you have faced before.
  • Only God can defeat Leviathan

There is a whole lot more to learn about Marine Spirits, but let’s move on to how this applies to my dream interpretation.

Remember the pila that we resistance fighters carried? That detail begins to take on tremendous significance against the Marine Spirits. I had described how a pilum was specifically designed to render shields ineffective. Now we have a foe who prides himself in being protected by impenetrable overlapping shields or scales.

Since none of man’s harpoons or spears can touch him, we need to look a little closer at exactly what this weapon is that we carry.

In the last post, we explored the first Biblical mention of a javelin. That was the weapon Phinehas used to pierce Zimri and the Midianite woman Cosbi as they committed an act of coitus, probably during a fertility rite religious ritual, in front of the very tabernacle of God.

When you study into the influence of Marine Spirits, it becomes clear that Zimri and Cosbi were under the influence of Marine Spirits.

We learned about the covenant of peace that Phinehas’ courageous act brought upon himself and his descendants. We learned that the peace which this covenant brought was spelled with a broken Vav, anticipating Jesus Christ’s pierced and broken body which would become the perfect permanent atonement for all sin, juxtaposed with the temporary and imperfect atonement that human or animal bloodshed provides.

In essence, Jesus became Zimri and Cosbi and all other cursed humans. When Phinehas pierced them, he was prefiguring the Roman crucifixion of the flawless lamb of God thirteen hundred years later.

So what does Phinehas’ javelin represent? The javelin itself is not Jesus. The javelin was wielded by faith in response to God’s law. The javelin indicated that Phinehas agreed that God’s law was true and righteous and that He was committed to it.

In the New Testament, the word for repentance is metanoia (μετάνοια). This word is composed of two parts, “meta” and “noia”. “Meta” is a prefix meaning  “along with”, “after”, “adjacent”, “beyond”, etc. “Noia” means “mind”. So biblical repentance indicates the mindset that we adopt after we put off our fleshly, natural mindset and put on the mind of Christ. A repentant person has a mind that is synchronized or in agreement with God’s mind.

The javelin represents an act of repentance. We must slay our flesh life by agreeing with God’s merciful law of righteousness. We don’t slay our flesh life by human efforts, or religious works. Remember, no mere mortal man can defeat Leviathan. Instead, we reckon ourselves to be crucified with Christ. That means we legally take possession of the atonement provided for us and our sins by the blood of Jesus. When he died, sinful we died. All contracts are rendered null upon the death of one party. Therefore, by identifying with Christ’s death, the curse of the law has no more dominion over us.

We step out of our old identity and step into our new identity. We surrender our own righteousness and receive the righteousness of Christ. Through faith in our hearts and confession by our mouth we become new creatures in Christ Jesus who defeated the ancient Serpent and all of his underlings.

The second mention of a javelin, as our last post explained occurred during the second battle of Ai. Joshua held out his javelin symbolizing that Achan’s sin in the camp had been dealt with, and God gave Israel the victory. Interestingly, Achan was buried in the valley of Achor. “Achor” means “muddy, turbid: gloomy, or dejected” in Hebrew.

Isn’t that interesting? Water spirits were defeated in Zimri’s case, and in Achan’s case, he was buried in a place suggesting troubled waters. The javelin of adopting the mind of Christ brought victory in both cases.

No matter what troubled waters we find drowning us, the Marines have already been defeated and the weapon is in our hand if we will be humble enough to use it.

Hosea 2:15 prophesies that some day the valley of Achor (“Trouble”) would become “a door of hope.” This is a powerful promise and prophecy. For more study on the “Doctrine of Achan” read Dr. Stephen Jones’ book, “Creation’s Jubilee”. Here is a link to the chapter that discusses Achan and Achor:

Finally, remember poor Neil Gorsuch, bound to a bunch of individual wooden boxes. He wasn’t chained to a slab. He was bound by a whole bunch of individuals who were not covered by the divine nature. They were not united and repentant. Therefore, any appeal to justice was of no avail.

The law can only impartially judge sin. It cannot make excuses or show sympathy to law breakers. The wages of sin is death. We can either plead the blood of Jesus over our case and be set free from the Marine Spirits or we can forfeit our own lives in payment for our crimes.

Corporately, our nation is under attack by Marine Spirits. Only by coming together in unity (Note that religious spirits of schism and doctrinal pride are all high ranking Marine Spirits) and in repentance will we overcome this attack.

Kevin Taylor—the One of Royal Birth who has a sharp sword coming out of his mouth with which He divides asunder soul and spirit and discerns the thoughts and intents of our hearts—he has handed our broken pilum back to us. We have been given a second chance. Let us not waste it. Our deliverance rests upon our ability to reckon our flesh man crucified with Christ.

Let us unite. Let us repent. Let us submit to His mindset.

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