Jupiter’s Kill Shot

Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries has waded into the topic of the extraordinary heavenly signs we are seeing in the skies right now.


He recounts how the Magi saw the same sign that we are seeing today, December 21, 2020.

 The Magi had learned from Daniel that when the King’s Planet (Jupiter) crowned the King’s Star (Regulus), it was the heavenly sign that the Messiah had been born. Regulus was the star positioned between the feet of Leo, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Jacob prophesied of this star in Genesis 49:10, calling it “the scepter” and “the ruler’s staff from between his feet.”

“When they saw Jupiter go past Regulus and then return and then again reverse course, the planet “crowned” Regulus. Then they began their long journey as they followed Jupiter from east to west, finally arriving in Jerusalem.”

He describes how this heavenly saga was explored by J.R.R. Tolkein in his Lord of the Rings trilogy:

The story was also pictured in Lord of the Rings. Saturn is the ringed planet, and in the story Sauron is the spirit behind Saturn, who forged rings that were under his control. The story is about the desire to subject the world to the will of Satan. It is about the little people (hobbits) who are able to resist the desire for power and destroy the ring of power, so that Aragorn (a type of Christ) may rule the kingdoms of men in peace and marry his bride.

Then Dr. Jones explains the difference between the meaning of the Bethlehem star then and what it means to us today:

At the time, Jesus was too young to be the king of Jerusalem. His birth only marked the start of a longer story which is now reaching its culmination in our time.

Hence, today’s sign appears to be the opposite of what happened under Herod. It should be seen as the book end, not as a repeat performance. What happened to the children of Bethlehem 2000 years ago was like Saturn (Satan) devouring his children; but today Jupiter, in essence, is devouring Saturn. To devour, in Hebrew thought, is to conquer.

For this reason, I see this as a sign of conquest, not as a sign that we should “flee to Egypt.” Jesus is no longer a child in need of protection. He is now fully grown and is conquering all. No longer does Babylon have dominion in the earth. We are at the other end of history. Therefore, Jupiter is not alone in this heavenly sign. Jupiter has rapidly caught up to Saturn and is hitting it today. Jupiter is giving Saturn a “kill shot.”

Whereas Jupiter (Christ) fled to Egypt when He was a child, He has returned in victory today.

In a second blog post, Dr. Jones added a supplementary comment.


In it, he concludes that the heavens are also announcing the pending demise of abortion laws:

“Saturn devoured his children, and the Red Dragon tried to devour Christ as soon as he was born (in Revelation 12). God’s solution is to shoot the beast with the arrows of His sons who speak the truth. This is probably to be interpreted also as a sign that the abortion laws are about to be overturned.”

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