Prophetic Cycles Roll On

Dr. Stephen Jones has blogged about the prophetic cycle we are currently experiencing. Most people aren’t even aware that there are such things as prophetic cycles, but I consider Dr. Jones to be the worlds leading authority on the subject. I have followed his work for years and read nearly everything he has written. He has a historical and mathematical perspective on world events and the kingdom of God that is unmatched. His watch dates are always spot on, and his spiritual warfare work in the courts of Heaven is awe-inspiring.

Here is his commentary:

And just for good measure let me throw in the transcription of a Gene Decode and Charlie Ward call. Unnerving stuff, some of it. Not for the timid. As a disclaimer, I don’t necessarily endorse everything these guys say. Use discernment. Always compare intel with scripture and actively invite the Holy Spirit to give His rhema opinion on stuff like this.

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