A Season of Resurrection

Kent Christmas says that he doesn’t apologize for what God has told him about Donald Trump. he will not deny Jesus, who is the spirit of prophecy. The spirit of prophecy is not about what is but about what shall be. Revival doesn’t depend on who sits in the White House, but on who sits on the White Throne. There is nothing done in secret that shall not be revealed. The Lord is cleansing the House of God.


  1. Some of us are looking at reality from the perspective of heaven, rather than from the perspective of earth. Heavenly reality exists outside of space and time. It is based on the revealed will, character, and purpose of the Creator of all things and the eternal judge of all the universe. Earthly “reality” is confined to the perspective of space and time, limited by the capacity of the human mind’s ability to interpret tangible observable circumstances. Of course, all the accepted properties of time and space change on the quantum level. Yet God created the quantum field, so he is above and in control of quantum physics as well as the unexplored levels of reality that transcend quantum physics. Therefore, when we re-evaluate, that re-evaluation should be based on what God says, not on human analysis. Doubling down based simply on pride and the inability to admit that one is wrong is pitiful. However, believing the word of the One who created all things, both seen and unseen, in spite of what we may be able to analyze and evaluate with our physical resources is not pride, but true humility. Of course if you don’t believe in God, all you have left is your physical resources. Time will tell which one is more reliable…more accurate.


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