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Today is Purim. A great deliverance is upon us.

What a fitting day for Johnny Enlow to unpack the comparison between President Trump and King David. Although Samuel anointed David as king, another king was crowned…a false king. The Prophet Samuel actually died before seeing his prophecy of David’s kingship fully realized. No doubt Samuel was mocked like the modern prophets who have predicted four more consecutive years of Trump are being mocked today. But while a false king was ruling in Israel, David was king by heaven’s reckoning from the moment he was anointed..

In the meantime, an army of mighty men began to arise, inspired by David, doing great exploits to drive off the oppressors and establish David’s rightful authority. These mighty men were described as being like to the “army of God”. This is unique phrase not used again in scripture until Joel 2. Today, we are experiencing Joel 2, and God is raising up his army of mighty warriors to do battle for sake of the impending Kingdom of God. Will you be one of those warriors who battle against evil for the restoration of your land and people?

Joel 2:12-14: “Go and give this message: The LORD says turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God. And encourage them (the sinners) by explaining to them what I am like: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. And then perhaps he (the sinner) will return and repent, and leave a blessing behind him; even a meat offering and a drink offering unto me, the LORD your God?” (Paraphrased the message to those in need of repentance in bold print, emphasizing the forgiving character of God).

As God always does, He has confirmed this current prophetic word by the mouths of two or three witnesses. Kent Christmas talks in the following video about the very same theme of King David vs. Saul and the transition from the old order to the new. Listen to what he has to say.

If you don’t have time to listen right now, below is a partial, incomplete and possibly poorly transcribed text version of some of it.

Tonight, I want to share with you some things that during about the last 18 hours God is just beginning to stir my spirit up about.  Maybe this will help give you some understanding of where we are as a church. 

The scripture is very plain…I think it’s in 2nd Thessalonians that God says the only thing holding back spiritually Antichrist is the church.  The church is restrained the enemy himself.  I get a lot of you emailing me kind of being disheartened over the turn events over the last several days, like yesterday with some rulings by the Supreme Court on the corrupt election. And so, the first thing that I want to say is that I feel a stirring in my spirit that we as God’s people have to stop looking for a natural defense or thought system to redeem us or vindicate us.  Only God is going to be able to turn this around.  

Actually, I was sleeping last night and I woke up and I felt a stirring in my spirit.  The Lord says the enemy is trying to name my people as victims in this hour, and you’re gonna have to decide whether you’re a victim or a conqueror.  A conqueror is somebody who comes out of the battle to victory and the enemy right now is just showing up in a lot of people’s space because they had given up hope and they’ve allowed themselves to be named as victim instead of a victor.  

The Bible says the only thing that is restraining the spirit of evil Antichrist (when we say Antichrist I’m not just talking about a natural man.  We’re talking about everything that is against Christ and we’re in an hour right now that the enemy…whatever represents Christ the enemy wants the opposite.  It doesn’t matter for them how weird he is or natural it is they only want what’s opposite of Christ and that’s why it’s called antichrist) and so it would it makes sense that if the devil knows that the only thing restraining him right now in the earth is the church.  He’s coming after the church because that’s his enemy.  And so, the only thing that makes the church powerful is the anointing and I began to go back in my spirit because…I’m thinking of a lot of things, so I’m…I’m kind of kind of wandering.   

You’re Just gonna have to bear with me this evening as I released what I feel in my spirit. 

When god begins to speak in scripture many times he is described as the God of Abraham.  Many times, He would say “I’m the God of Abraham, I’m the God of Isaac, and I am the God of Jacob”. He doesn’t say “I am the God of Job or of Moses”, when he’s doing something that’s eternal in the earth.  The only other man that God ever gives that kind of honor to is David in the scripture. He said I am of the seed of David.   

God identifies himself with David and so the scripture says that in the last days the Lord is going to raise up the Tabernacle of David.  He said that which has been ruined I’m going to raise up.  So I’m thinking that, and I’m going back in my mind to the Old Testament where I live in my spirit prophetically…you have to go back for words that, if we can find them by the spirit, then we have some understanding of what he’s going to do now.  

So, I want to take you back to the Old Testament and I want to go back to two men.  One is Saul and one is David.  What we’re seeing played out in in the earth right now in the United States of America with the election, Trump and Biden all of these different things, we have become distracted. That was a plan of the enemy–to get us to look in the natural and think that this is what it was about.  This doesn’t have anything to do with the election.  

What we’re seeing right now, what we’re seeing played out, is a spiritual battle being fought in the heavens over the earth. And it’s after one thing.  It’s after anointing because the Bible says only anointing breaks the yoke and only anointing sets people free and that’s we’ve probably been kept from the anointing more than anything else in the body of Christ.  And so, I think what we’re seeing right now is a battle being played out spirit that is about the church and that battle is this: God is separating the House of Saul from the House of David. 

When Saul was anointed king… in fact, the Bible says that Saul allowed the art of the covenant to rest in another place from where he ruled for over 20 years. So, he did put value on the presence of the Lord. There are actually a few things that that constitute anointing one is you have to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

David, the Bible says, was anointed by the Prophet when he was a teenager. People who are anointed are the number one target Hell will come after with everything it has, because you are a threat.  You advance the Kingdom of God.  The reason that God chose David above his brother is because David, even at a young age, he valued, he treasured the presence of the Lord. 

Now Saul did not treasure that and so God takes the Kingdom and he brings it to David. I personally think that we are in a transition where God is moving from the House of Saul and he’s transitioning over into the House of David where there is anointing.  

God begin to speak to me prophetically. There were two things he said. He said “I am withdrawing from satellite churches” and “I am going to begin to move away from megachurches”. Here’s the problem with a lot of megachurches, and I’m not lumping everyone into the same category, but by and large the way you get 20-30 thousand people in the building is you don’t make them uncomfortable. You don’t challenge them with sin. You don’t operate in the gifts of the Spirit. You want to make them feel comfortable in the presence of God. 

Well, the anointing of the Lord doesn’t do that.  The anointing challenges.  It convicts.  And we are seeing God move away in the United States from a Saul kingdom into a Davidic reign This is why the Lord says I’m raising up the house update with the Tabernacle of David.  

When God anoints David, he doesn’t automatically become King, but there is about a 17-year period between his anointing… before the actual time he sits on the throne. And so, we’ve been in a season where the spirit of God is moving almost in a clandestine way. We were having a hard time understanding what the Lord was doing when the Lord began to move away from Saul and he began to transition his anointing to David.   

The Bible begins to talk about this.  It says that when Saul went to battle the final battle which he dies, that Saul had raised up sons.  And he had a son named Jonathan.  By the way, things should have went to Jonathan.  Jonathan should have been the one sitting on the throne but he could not.  Why? Because he was birthed by Saul. There is a Saul kingdom being removed from the kingdom of God.  The sons that Saul raised up are also going to removed. They all died in the same day and there’s a lot of phone calls right now that say, “Can you tell me where we can find a church where we feel the presence of God?”  

And so, as the Lord is beginning to change things up in our country, we’re looking at things in the natural. That’s just a byproduct.  This battle that’s going on right now is a battle between Saul and David. Now when David becomes King or when David becomes King, he puts on the ephod of a priest to inquire of the Lord. 

The house of Saul is attacking the churches that have preached holiness, that had preached righteousness, that had declared that it seeks the presence of God, that have lifted up the name of Jesus, that would not focused on money but have focused on relationship with Jesus Christ. And so, there’s been this battle. The enemy is the trying to squash what God is doing, but when God anoints you, you can’t kill it.  

God will not allow a David spirit to be killed and in God’s time, He put David on the throne. Just as He did with Ananias and Sapphira, He will literally and physically remove Saul and his sons. God said I will not have the lineage of Saul sitting on throne anymore because the sons would eventually have been like Saul.  The Bible says Saul is humble when he was going to be made King.  But he became proud, and the Lord said “I cannot have that” and so he changes, and he moves completely away from what has been established and what has been.  There has been a Saul order that at one time produced what God wanted, but now God is removing it and what you’re sensing the Spirit is that the Lord is raising up the Tabernacle of David in this hour. He’s raising up men and women who are anointed by the Holy Ghost. 

For years David was persecuted. He was hunted down. He was maligned.  He was rejected. Many that God has anointed for this hour are coming out of places that nobody knows of.  They are in a coma.  He is now bringing back unto the people the presence of awareness what we’re seeing right now in the United States and even in other countries. It’s not just America.  The United Kingdom, Europe, so many places are locked down even more than we are, but we are seeing God do something supernatural I believe that God is gonna fulfill everything that He said. 

Now let’s just talk a moment about…I know everybody said Donald Trump would be president, but He’s not president.  Number one, in the eyes of God, yes, he won the election but I want to show you something. The enemy is terrified. God has made one King.  It was something that nobody else picked. Everybody was shocked that David became King, became president, from the news saying “how did this happen?” When nobody expected, Donald Trump was president for years and now it looks like that he’s not president. But I want to take you back to when God raised up the Tabernacle of David and David has been placed his throne because he’s anointed…because he values the presence of the Lord. I have lot of people talk about Donald Trump.  I know he had a lot of flaws and all that. First of all, I’m not saying he’s a man of God. I’m saying he’s God’s man, and he values church.  He values right. He’s against abortion and so the platform that he stood on represents somebody who put value on the things of God. 

When David was King, the Bible said that he had a son. Absalom was a very handsome man and he was charismatic and in the process of time he told people what they wanted to hear and the Bible says he stole the hearts of the people.  He calls a coup and he takes over the throne and the Bible says that David is running from his son for fear of his life.  He has to leave the throne room. He leaves the city. He’s driven out into obscurity, and David is betrayed by somebody in his own house that he trusted that he raised up and now that same person has betrayed him. Whenever God is doing something, the enemy will send in betrayal and the enemy is terrified of what God is doing in this hour and we are now witnessing a coup and betrayal. 

The Democrats didn’t betray us.  We already knew that they were lying.  The betrayal came from the Republican Party and from the Supreme Court. I’m looking at some reason men and women that were recently put on the Supreme Court, that we were all sure that they would stand for principles of God… and here we watched them yesterday. They betrayed the very principles of law. But betrayal always comes.  They try to remove the spirit of David because David is the anointed one. In the story, the Bible says that Absalom is riding on a mule, which is a type of rebellion and stubbornness…. a mixture between two animals.  And he rides under a big oak and catches his hair in the branches and God removes the betrayer. He stops the coup just as he removed Saul and killed him. So did he remove Absalom, killing him. David comes back to rule and reign as King. 

I feel strong in my spirit that what we have seen being played out now…we’re seeing the same story with David and Absalom.  The war that we’re in right now…you’re just going to have to rest in God. This is faith.  That means that you believe God when there’s absolutely nothing in the natural that says God is going to come through. The hour that we’re in, church…the supernatural the release of wealth and property that’s coming to the Kingdom of God…will only come to people who have great faith. And so, you’re going to have to rest in the Lord, and you’re gonna have to believe when God says in this last day, “I’m raising up the Tabernacle of David”, that means that Hell can’t remove David. It means that, yes, there is a season where it looks like that David’s guardian anointing has been dissipated and the enemy has won.  God said “No! He said “I didn’t anoint Absalom to be King. I anointed David to be King”.  

Even Abner when David became King over Jerusalem or over Judea, the Bible says Abner was head of Saul’s army to Ish-bosheth (and that was Saul’s son).  He became King but it was temporary because that was not the will of the Lord, and eventually God caused David to become King over Israel and Judah. He reigned for years and years and years.  The story has not yet been told.  The final chapter has not yet been written.  Just as God vindicated David… and the war right now that you’re seeing is the battle between an old order and a new order. The Lord said you never take a piece of new cloth and sew it to an old one, he said, because the new cloth will begin to pull against the old garments.  It will render. It will rip it.  The house of Saul isn’t flexible and the blessing of God has been lifted off of this and you’re going to continue to see the Lord uncover a Saul order and Saul movement. God is supernaturally going to remove them and this is a cleansing of the House of Lord. This is a cleansing of the church. God’s raising up the new order. He’s raising up men and women that have the spirit of David that know how to praise God and know how to walk in the presence of the Lord, that are not rebellious that are not in greedy for the things and material things in the earth. And so let God do what God does.  Let God be God and you’re going to have to stop looking in the natural and remember this: The Bible says that when the Lord said right before he comes back, He said “I’m gonna remove the tares from the wheat, I’m gonna remove Saul from the house of David. 

We’re on the edge of the greatest outpouring of the glory of God that we’re going to see, so you need to learn to rest in the Lord. God is in control.  Stop looking to the natural for your answers. God can remove an Absalom and put David back on the throne.  Know this, that somebody who stole the election can also be removed and our president be put back in the White House.  And so good days and great days are ahead. 

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