On the “His Glory” show episode which I have embedded at the bottom of this post, Pastor Dave talks with Jim Stockstill and Amanda Grace.

Jim relates a very disturbing five hour long vision he was given regarding the putrefied boil of pedophilia and human trafficking. The sword of God is draining the boil. Viewer discretion advised, especially if you haven’t any prior knowledge of the current reality of these topics. Jim gives some details that are not for minors or the weak of stomach. He names names.

God is not happy. He sees the blood and the cries of the children. The grace period is over. God’s resurrection power is about to be released. It would be a good idea to be on the right side of that power.

Amanda Grace then states that the symbolism of the Evergreen incident in the Suez Canal is profound. Also, Putin’s prohibition of foreign adoption of Russian children was to protect Russian children from predators, and why the Deep State accused Russia of collusion and interference in American politics. He was interfering with their profit margin.

Then Amanda Grace shares a vision that she received on Passover. The showers of rain are coming. The unjust will be struck by a powerful storm, while the righteous will be spared. A full-blown eruption will occur. Weights and millstones will be rained down upon them.

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea."  -  Matthew 18:6

The unjust will rat each other out. A time of breaking and resetting will occur. She says that God highlighted the number 25. This coincides with the following quote which I found on Telegram here.

First of all when God ordered Moses to free the people from being enslaved, the Israelites left Egypt the day after Passover ended (This year would be April 5th) – from there it took 20 days to part the Red Sea and free the people. That brings us to April 25th. Right now the Suez Canal is blocked which just so happens to lead to the Red Sea.

Now if you add into this equation the date from last year that oil dropped below 0 to the date of April 25th this year when no doubt oil will be skyrocketing bc of the blockage that will bring us to 369 days. Now remember Noah was on the arc for 370 days (making it April 26th for us) until he stepped off into the new world.

SOOOOO the Red Sea will part on April 25th to free us as slaves and April 26th we will step
Into the New World AND that also happens to be the 3 year delta of Q’s post about Evergreen and when to call a plumber. 🙂

If you need extra confirmation- When Moses was ordered to free the people God sent swarms off locusts as the 8th plague for punishment for enslaving the people – this year we are due to get swarmed with billions of cicada’s (that are supposed to hatch around May).

So THAT is your Biblical timeline.
We’re on God’s time.

Then Amanda gives a lot of prophetic details regarding upcoming world events. It’s getting real, folks! This is a must watch.

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