Morning Has Broken

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Last night something happened in my left eye. I suddenly began to see a thin crescent of light flash in my peripheral vision whenever I looked to the left. Now I haven’t consulted an eye professional yet, but according to my internet research… (I know, I know!)… I just experienced a posterior vitreous detachment.

My vitreous humor, the transparent gel that helps with clarity of vision and maintaining the shape of the eye, has lost it’s gel-like consistency and become more watery. The little fibers that connected it to my retina broke. I gained some new floaters and will probably have to put up with these light flashes for three months or so until my eye adjusts to the new permanent change to its structure. The vitreous fluid will maintain its new, thinner liquid state, and the vitreous humor will stay detached from the top of the retina and optic nerve.

It’s a common thing with people my age and probably will have not serious long-term effects. Usually, within three months, the symptoms will subside. 

It’s a weird feeling, though–unexpected flashes of light in the peripheral vision almost like the veil between the physical and spiritual realities has been torn and you can nearly catch a glimpse into the kingdom of light. It has a prophetic feel to it.

Then, this morning, as I talked to Father God, a sudden conviction flooded my spirit…a certainty that something massive had shifted in the spirit realm!

I know this feeling. It’s the same witness of certainty that God has given me several times in the past. I remember one time in particular during my college days when I was dating the woman who is now my wife. She was suffering from a physical disability resulting from an injury. In prayer, God told me that he was going to heal her. So I summoned her and some praying friends, prayed for her and anointed her with oil. She was instantly healed.

I have that same confidence now.

Can your spirit man see the light beginning to flash in your peripheral vision? God has heard our prayers and is flooding the earth with justice and provision. Right now! Our faith is about to become sight. It has already started and nothing will stop it.


Father God wants me to share this song with you in celebration. Worship Him as you enjoy it.

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