Marked by Fire

Yesterday, Passover Sunday, 2021, Pastor Jared Myrick’s sermon urged God’s people to carry the mark of the Holy Spirit…not simply an experience or a gift or a manifestation, but the imprinted aura of God’s presence by which all who encounter us will encounter God.

Then this morning, Lana Vawser experienced a vision which put us on notice to expect the manifestation of the roar of the Lion of Judah this week. In her post she wrote,

“The heavens are thundering a MIGHTY release of My fire to BURN AWAY the chaff, to DELIVER My people, to ACTIVATE My people, to REVIVE My people and to MARK My people.”


“The encounters with My fire released from My mouth as I roar will not only heal you, deliver you, activate you and revive you, but you will be MARKED by My fire. For many of you have been crying out for a fresh baptism of My fire and I say unto you, that the battle increased dramatically over the last week, because you will begin to see the MANIFESTATION of the answer to your cry, THIS week. You will see the FIRST FRUITS of a time of being completely immersed in a fresh baptism of My fire, THIS WEEK. This week will mark the beginning of this time of being marked and completely undone by My fire. It will begin for many this week, but it will far surpass this week. The level of fire that you will experience in this fresh baptism of My fire, will change EVERYTHING.”

You can read her entire post here:

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