Facedown Before the Reviver

Lana Vawser predicts a move of the Spirit that will leave us “facedown”.

She says:

“The Lord is looking for those who are ‘ALL IN with HIS WAY’ especially when His way is not the popular way or the ‘usually done way’. These ones are not living for the applause of man, they are living before the audience of One, and no matter what it costs, they will follow Him. For the cost is not of issue, because they are so in love with Jesus and to see His name and His Glory lifted high and revealed in the earth.

They are ones that do not worship ‘revival’ or ‘signs and wonders’ but they follow and worship the Reviver and seek not for their own name to be glorified or lifted high and when ‘making room’ for Him to step in looks different or ‘unpopular’, they follow relentlessly in obedience to Him and not bow to the fear of man.”

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