The Jesters

Robin Bullock prophesies that not only will America survive, it will thrive. Everything has changed. God laughs at the jokers who are trying to deceive our nation and our world. He has made them a laughingstock.

From Canada, Barry Wunsch describes an open vision he received about DJT sweeping the nation.

Masses of people were celebrating. Those who had devised evil plans were surrounded by a crowd outside of the White House who trapped them inside.

The military had come to support the people and maintain safety. They went into the White House and escorted out evil ones like prisoners of war and they were handcuffed. They were lined up in the yard of the White House and were marched out through the streets to face the consequences of their corruption and fraudulent actions.

Then he saw DJT inaugurated. There was no showboating. This was serious. The job was done. It was time to heal. Even those who had opposed DJT saw the truth and their fighting spirit was broken.

Large military planes were loaded lawyers with documents and evidence. The planes departed to other nations to serve justice.

Righteousness flowed like a mighty river.

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