The Storm Will Cease

Simon Khorolskiy gives us a powerful performance. The range, technique, and quality of his voice is breathtaking. The message is inspiring.

For those of us who don’t understand Russian, here are the lyrics translated into English:

Lyrics in English – provided by Zarina Kozlov

The storm will cease, abate the thunder,

The violent wind will soon subside,

The rose blossoms will show their wonder

And the sunshine will yet be bright.

The day will come, you won’t be crying,

All your temptations will also pass,

And all your sorrows, all your trials

Will be removed by Jesus Christ.

When your heart bleeds, when grieves came closely,

When pain is all your soul can feel,

He will approach you with great mercy

And tender wounds will gently heal.

Oh, run to Him, in heartfelt prayer,

When you are languishing in pain,

In any battle, you will prevail,

Then you will dwell with God in heaven.

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