Where None Have Gone Before

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything.

I’m sorry. Much has been happening in my life personally. The refining fire of the Holy Spirit has burned deep in my soul and brought to light things I didn’t know were there as well as cleansing things that I knew were there, yet had long since abandoned the hope of ever seeing brought to a solution or conclusion.

Most of it I will never share publicly. But let me just say that God is separating the wheat from the tares right now. He has been doing a preparation work in the hearts of men and women who will let him. It is a grueling and devastating process, but a liberating one, and those who emerge on the other side will shine as lights of God’s glory. They will be usable by Him in the restoration process that He is about to kick off for all the world to see.

Fear greatly, kings and mighty men of the earth.

But let God’s sons and daughters rejoice with unspeakable joy, because our redemption is near. Indeed, our redemption is knocking at the door this very moment.

Let me share with you a dream I had last night.

I and some other people, perhaps family members, were in a car. We were tuned in to some air traffic military type chatter on the radio that was announcing that a unique aircraft was about to make it’s appearance.

Then suddenly we saw it materialize in the sky.

It was the Star Ship Enterprise

“To explore brave new worlds. To boldly go where no man has gone before!”

It gleamed bright in the sky and looked like it was made from pure gold.

It hovered for a moment and then took off, streaking across the sky. Then I saw a couple of other planes…dark shadowy aircraft. One looked like a fighter jet, the other like a Learjet.

“They’re tracking it already!” I said, as the fighter seemed to follow the starship. The Learjet was facing the other direction, and needed to turn around if it was going to follow. It began to move but went into what seemed like a series of acrobatic maneuvers. I was impressed… blown away, actually… that a Learjet could perform like a stunt biplane. Then at the last minute, just before it slammed into the ground in a fireball, I realized that the Learjet wasn’t maneuvering. It had been out of control!

The crash seemed to trigger a massive hurricane force windstorm on the ground. We were parked in the parking lot of some sort of a business complex…possibly a tourist trap of some kind. As trees and poles began blowing down around us it looked like a disaster, yet I noticed that damage seemed minimal. A huge pole fell on a guy who was exiting a building, but it just draped over him like it was one of those dancing fabric blow up characters that some businesses use to attract attention. The guy shrugged out from under it and kept walking.

Then an employee of the building behind us came out and rapped on our window and told us we would have to move our vehicle because she couldn’t guarantee our safety. We moved to the other side of the lot which was clear of anything that could blow down and hit our car.

Then I was inside a building, cleaning up, I guess, from the aftermath of the storm. I was trying to clean a large, comfy faux fur pillow. Wiping it down was accomplishing nothing. I had to stick it under running water. But then it was soaking wet, so I had to hang it by binder clips in the shower stall.

As I was doing so, a woman and a bunch of other people crowded into the bathroom and decided to have a loud prayer meeting. I had to tell her that I was all in favor of prayer, but I had been there first, trying to get a job done, and I needed to finish my job.

She got offended and left with her people in a huff, but not without trying to take one of my binder clips with her and suggesting that I had stolen it.

This dream is packed with symbolism.

Aircraft represent spiritual things. The principalities behind events on earth, or the angels involved, or the Holy Spirit’s work. Things like that. Even the activity of our own spirit self.

Gold represents divinity. It also could simply represent gold, or wealth. In this context, I think the gold Starship Enterprise suggests God’s future which will go where no man has been before. A new creation. A new world. A new economy. The Kingdom of God.

The jet fighter suggests a military component. Warrior angels. Maybe even Space Force. Whoever it represents, they have been tracking the impending changes.

A Learjet is used by corporate types, or super wealthy types. To me it suggests the Cabal…more specifically, the principalities and powers who are using and exploiting the current world system. It was going the opposite direction of the starship, and although it appeared to execute some impressive and intimidating maneuvers it was in the process of crashing and burning.

Meanwhile, down on earth, I feel like the place we were parked, with multiple buildings and structures and parking areas, represented the time an space version of the world system. The tourist trap feel of the place and the “pillar of the community” which turned out to be an inflatable sky dancer gimmick supports the concept that it was mostly theater and showmanship designed to lure people in and exploit them.

The storm hit and knocked lots of trees and sky dancer pillars down, but didn’t do any real damage to the infrastructure. Trees represent people symbolically. Sounds like a lot of flashy, influential people are about to fall, but that the customers or little people will be spared.

We do have to make sure that we have ourselves in a safe place, however, because in the days to come, we will not be able to depend on the powers that be and the traditional governmental and economic systems to protect us.

The pillow represents rest and comfort. It needed dusted off and cleaned up though. Reminds me of the Jubilee; God’s great rest and restoration cycle that has been neglected for so long.

Noticed that it could only be cleansed by running water. Sounds like God’s law…His Word which establishes peace and renewal to all who submit to it. This is quite different from the “Great Reset” the Cabal has been trying to deliver.

Finally, hold the line, readers.

Stay true to the calling of God on your life. Keep washing the pillows. People are going to try to hijack your destiny and Divine purpose. Don’t be intimidated or distracted. Even if they try to make a great show of religiosity, maybe claim that God is calling them to get in your space and disrupt your mission, let your actions and choices be guided by God and not by pressure. Even from religious or seemingly Godly types.

And if they bring accusations against you, keep walking in integrity and let Holy Spirit and God’s Word be the reality that you claim. Declare it with your mouth on a daily basis. God’s narrative, spoken with lips of flesh, defeats Satan’s narrative and brings spiritual realities into manifestation in time, space, and matter.

God bless you all. Hold on. We’re almost there!

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