The Path to the Kingdom

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Today in his commentary blog on the book of Isaiah, Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries said this,

Faith comes by hearing “the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). To expect God to hear and obey our will is a false form of faith. It is another gospel, for as the story of Israel says, to seek one’s own will is to reject the Lord who is among us. To desire flesh is to reject the manna, which is Christ Himself.

But I thank God that some learned a better gospel. These are content to feed daily upon the flesh of Christ and to seek His will alone. This is what builds the Kingdom of God rather than the kingdoms of men.

–Dr. Stephen Jones

He goes on to say,

 In our immaturity and ignorance, we thought that we knew best and that God was deliberately depriving us of the comforts of Egypt. We convinced ourselves that God wanted us to live with greater prosperity, if only we would demand flesh to eat. Then, if we were so “fortunate” that God answered our prayer, we made it a matter of faith to demand our will rather than His will.

The fact is that if we desire “meat,” we ought to inquire of Him to see if that is also His desire. When we approach Him with our demands, God’s “anger” may be kindled, which means that our will does not align with His will. If he gives us our demand, it is probably to show us the folly of our request. 

Dr. Stephen Jones

However, Jones goes on to explain that if we seek God’s will alone and join Him in His plan, we can enter into the great Sabbath Rest during which God will use us, His yielded vessels, to repair the breach in His house.

The temple in the first century had a dividing wall that kept women and non-Jews from approaching God directly. Christ’s tabernacle abolished that dividing wall (Ephesians 2:14).

This is the calling of a true man or woman of faith. It is to be a source of living water that flows unrestricted to others. It is to re-establish ancient truths that had fallen down in the face of the traditions of men.

Those who are of the household of faith are called to repair the breaches. The first breach is that between Israel and the rest of the world, as depicted by the dividing wall in the temple. The second great breach is between Israel and Judah, caused by the split in the kingdom after the death of Solomon. The scepter of Judah must be reunited with the birthright of Joseph in order to establish the sons of God in the earth.

Hence, Christ began a work that we are to enter into as well, as members of His body. Our calling is not to rebuild the earthly Jerusalem, which to this day is in bondage with her children (Galatians 4:25). Our calling is to re-establish the ancient truth of the heavenly Jerusalem, for we are her children (Galatians 4:26).

–Dr. Stephen Jones

His last paragraphs conclude,

…we know that the promise of God in Exodus 20:8, like all the commandments, is a promise that we will “remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” Under the Old Covenant, this was a commandment to our disobedient flesh. Under the New Covenant, this was a promise of God, making Him fully responsible to change our hearts by the inner working of the Holy Spirit.

It is thus a prophecy of things to come. Though it seems impossible in view of man’s will that opposes Him continually, God is able to fulfill His promises. His will is stronger than man’s will. It takes time, of course, but in the end He will succeed, for as Isaiah so often points out, God is sovereign, and His plan will prevail in the end.

–Dr. Stephen Jones

The full blog can be found here:

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