Two Presidents

Honestly, Robin D. Bullock is one of those prophets who like Kate Kerr, make my conservative Generation X instincts cringe.

It’s their hair.

That being said, Legitimate prophets have always made people cringe.

Hosea married a harlot and then named his children “Unloved” and “Not-My-People”.

Ezekiel laid on his left side for 390 days and ate bread cooked over a fire of burning human poop.

Isaiah preached naked.

Elijah the great Jewish prophet, wasn’t even Jewish. He was a Tishbite.

Jeremiah didn’t wash his underwear.

So I’m going to let my flesh man cringe a little as I post this word from Robin D. Bullock, because my spirit man witnesses that he speaks God’s word.

Two presidents and two inaugurations? How can that be?

Well at this point, there’s probably not time to bring you up to speed on the Act of 1871 and the difference between the de facto Corporate United States vs. the de jure Republic for the united states of America, but the following link is a place to start:

Don’t let your brain explode.

ADDENDUM added 01-14-2021.

Below is a link to Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries bearing double witness to what I said above.

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