God’s Mercy Endures Forever

In the video below, Hank Kunneman reminds us that our faith is based on the character of God rather than on reports and circumstances.

Today in prayer, God reminded me that our hope is in Him, rather than in Donald Trump or in any intel/info source.

Then He reminded me of the verses that I have incorporated into the meme below.

Review the components of the Christian’s armor.

Helmet of Salvation to guard our mind. We trust in His Salvation.

Breastplate of Righteousness to guard our hearts. Jesus has exchanged our sin for His righteousness.

Belt of Truth to guard our inheritance (seed proceeds from our loins in order to birth children who shall continue and increase our legacy). God’s truth is that Ahab cannot steal Naboth’s vineyard through the stratagems of Jezebel.

Shoes of the Good news of Peace to guard our path. We will not sprain our ankle on unstable ground when we walk in our Father’s footsteps.

Shield of Faith to defend against the adversary’s accusations, taunts, and lies. Our shield is not some sort of faith that we drum up by our own willpower, but the very faithfulness of God is our shield.

The Sword of the Spirit is an offensive weapon with which to tear down strongholds. Only the word of God can slay the most powerful of our attackers. Anything else will fail.

Blessed be the name of our Anointed Deliverer, Judge of all the earth, and King of Kings.

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