God is Israel’s Sanctuary

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With all of the unprecedented events happening in Israel right now, it is interesting to note the timing as described by Dr. Stephen Jones. in his weblog today.

America was founded as a book end to Israel’s destruction “seven times” earlier. A “time” in Scripture is a year in short-term prophecy and 360 years in long-term prophecy. Seven times, then, is 7 x 360 years, or 2,520 years.

Assyria began to conquer the tribes of Israel in 745 B.C. This conquest was completed in 721 B.C. with the capture of Samaria, the capital city.

America dates it beginning with the Declaration of Independence in 1776, which was 2,520 years after 745 B.C. America’s capital city, Washington D.C., was built in 1800 A.D., which was 2,520 years after the fall of Samaria, Israel’s capital city.

America, then, has its prophetic roots in ancient Israel, connected by the 2,520-year prophetic cycle.

Judah’s 2,520-year cycle began with the fall of Jerusalem in 604 B.C. and ended with General Allenby’s capture of Jerusalem in 1917 near the close of World War 1. Because Israel and Judah had been divided into two nations, each having its distinct calling, these nations were exiled at different times to different places. Thus also, their 2,520-year captivities ended at different times as well.

Unless we understand the difference between Israel and Judah, we cannot hope to understand how modern history is fulfilling Bible prophecy. Frankly, most people misunderstand prophecy, because they assume that the Jews are the Israelites and that the Jewish state is biblical Israel. If the Jewish state had been established in 1776, their claim might have credence. But it was not.

When the Jewish state was named Israel, the founders essentially laid claim to the Birthright of Joseph and his sonship calling. Hence, the question arises naturally: will the Israeli state be cleansed, accept Jesus as the Messiah, and lead the world into righteousness and liberty in the age to come? Or will God use America to play that major role?

Regardless of our point of view, the plan of God will be fulfilled. Time will prove all things. But it is helpful to know the divine plan so that we are not disappointed or disillusioned when things turn out differently from what we expect. The more we know the Scriptures—and history, which is prophecy fulfilled—the better equipped we will be in our work as effective apostles of Jesus Christ.

His full blog can be read here: https://godskingdom.org/blog/2021/05/the-rise-of-the-house-of-joseph-part-8

Isaiah chapter 8 gives us good advice in these days:

11For this is what the LORD has spoken to me with a strong hand, instructing me not to walk in the way of this people:

12“Do not call conspiracy

everything these people regard as conspiracy.

Do not fear what they fear;

do not live in dread.

13The LORD of Hosts is the One

you shall regard as holy.

Only He should be feared;

only He should be dreaded.

14And He will be a sanctuary—

but to both houses of Israel

a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense,

to the dwellers of Jerusalem

a trap and a snare.

15Many will stumble over these;

they will fall and be broken;

they will be ensnared and captured.”

16Bind up the testimony

and seal the law among my disciples.

17I will wait for the LORD,

who is hiding His face from the house of Jacob.

I will put my trust in Him.j

18Here am I, and the children the LORD has given me as signs and symbols in Israel from the LORD of Hosts, who dwells on Mount Zion.

Finally, Melissa Redpill the World from Freedom Force Battalion discusses current events, God’s timing and Israel’s biblical identity.


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