The Dagon Spirit

Image via Pixabay

Timothy Dixon relates a recent dream in which occult-ritualistic, child-exploiting, rich people who serve the ancient Mesopotamian deity, Dagon, are going to be exposed and brought to justice.

This ties into a dream I had this week. It was personal so I won’t publish details, but my dream had themes of Philistines (who worshiped Dagon) terrorizing those who carry the mantle of Solomon, God’s king of wisdom, peace, and provision.

Another brief vision I was given within the last week was of ranks of warrior angels, preparing for battle, arming themselves with RPG’s (rocket propelled grenades). At first I was thinking too literally, thinking the RPG imagery had something to do with the exchange of missiles in the Middle East. However, upon inquiry, God clarified that what the RPG actually stood for was Righteousness, Peace, and Grace.


I’m in favor of a marshaling angel army equipped with those three weapons any day!

Then, just yesterday, God allowed me to see rank upon rank of angels mounted on horseback, preceded by the wind of the Holy Spirit, pouring out of heaven and flooding the earth.


Let those hosts of heaven be empowered against Dagon and all other malevolent spiritual entities!

It’s time for this war to be concluded.

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