Get Ready to Sing!

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Last night I had a couple of dreams.

In one dream I was riding my bicycle down a country road which was flanked by fields on both sides. I came to a place where the road was blocked by police cars and behind them some kind of equipment was doing work on the road surface.

There was no detour, the road was simply closed.

However, it occurred to me that I didn’t need a road, I could bypass the obstruction by getting off of the road and carrying my bicycle through the field until I had gotten to the place where the road was open again.

So that’s what I did. I carried my bicycle down into the freshly plowed field and simply walked past the police barricade and the equipment.

In my second dream I was in a city. I was driving a vehicle and arrived at an intersection where I needed to turn right. As in the first dream, that street was blocked. However, this time it, as well as the next side street beyond it, were blocked by huge towers that workers were constructing right in the middle of the street. They looked sort of like the Eiffel Tower, but I got the impression that these towers were some kind of advanced communication towers, like 5G or something.

I abandoned my vehicle and proceeded past the tower on foot. As I did so, a throng of people began to pour out of every apartment and building on both sides of the street until I was caught in a flow of pedestrian traffic that filled the street and sidewalks on both sides of the street. We were all moving one direction. I recognized some of the people as friends and acquaintances.

From their excited chatter, I discovered that they were all Christians and were on their way to do some sort of a flash mob choral singing event. Wherever they were headed, it was obvious from the number of participants that it was going to be an impressive occasion.

When I awoke, I pondered on the dreams. It was evident that they both dealt with similar themes of blockage and delay. That made sense since we have all felt our path blocked in recent months, and it has seemed like we have been delayed from arriving at the destination to which God has called us.

Yet in both dreams I was able to proceed by abandoning the mode of transportation that I had been using. In the first dream, I also had to abandon the established roadway.

Evidently God has a path to victory and deliverance that is outside the box…or vehicle, as it were.

We need to walk humbly in the direction that God leads, even if it seems to be different or out of the ordinary path.

And what of the plowed field that became my detour in the first dream?

Scripturally, a field represents the world or the general systems and domain of men. In Matthew 13:38 Jesus explains one of his parables, “The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom.” In the account of the woman at the well of Sychar, Jesus says, ” I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” In this case, the fields represented humanity.

In my dream the fields were freshly plowed ready for planting. Perhaps it is time to leave our vehicle and the road we have been travelling and go into the marketplace and the culture to plant seeds.

The second dream contained images of towers being built to block my path. Is this symbolizing the tower of Babel, or spiritual Babylon which has controlled our world system? Does it smack of the 5G connection to the Wuhan virus and its associated experimental vaccines with their DNA changing nanotechnology? I’m not sure. Perhaps it was Covid itself which pushed us off of the road and into the field.

But one thing is sure and that is that those towers could not prevent me from going where I was destined to go and that when I got there, I discovered a joyous choir emerging from every doorway.

Then I came across the following video from Timothy Dixon, and the tears rolled down my face as I realized what the choir in my dream represented. Please watch this video and get ready to sing at the end! Hallelujah!

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