Rapid Changes for America

Dutch Sheets says we are rising to a new phase of the Great Awakening. Combine all of the great revivals and awakenings of the past. Mix them together, shake them, and pour them out on the earth, and that is what is about to hit the world!

We are going to move from congregational thinking to regional thinking.

We are not going to be politically correct, we are going to become biblically correct.

The five-fold ministry is about to go up a notch.

We are about to move into a very supernatural age.

We are going to move from soul driven to Spirit driven.

This generation is about to be slammed…be swept off of their feet by God!

The world is not looking at our wit or our innovation or how polished we are. They are looking for someone to show them how to live.

Wait on the Lord for the weight of his Glory. Wait for oneness with God. Wait for his weighty presence to saturate the atmosphere. People will lay on their faces for hours under the weight of His presence.

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